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Leslie-Ann Harty

Meet your personal 24/7 REAL Skinny Shot concierge. Whether you need cheering on, an
accountability partner or a refill, she’s your girl!
Leslie-Ann has worked in the fashion and beauty industry since she was 19 years old. She
traveled the world as an international model for over 20 years and now has her home base in
Newport Beach, California.
She spent 10+ years in the cosmetic aesthetic field, including handling Hollywood’s elite and
their confidential health, wellness and beauty needs. Her approach to beauty is all about
A balanced face/body is beautiful, a balanced diet is fueling and a balanced life is happy!
She began the REAL Skinny Shot Program in June of 2021 when the FDA first approved
semaglutide for weight loss. She was a pioneer in seeing the possibility before it became the
huge sensation that it is now. She has handled over 300 patients to date, helping them along
their weight loss journeys.
“I LOVE what I do! I’ve always enjoyed helping people feel great in their own skin. There’s
nothing better than seeing a patient go from confident to on top of the world, on FIRE! It’s all
about your personal best self in every vision you ever had of who that person is. Just BE IT!”
-Leslie-Ann Harty