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  • I am so grateful to have found Leslie Anne, an amazing, professional, the best customer service follow up w/such knowledge and a perfect example what loosing wt and being monitored with the ´real skinny shot’ and the professional Drs she works with and their follow up keeping health & loosing in a safe wayLeslie is always a text/call away and really cares for her clients and always has a positivé attitude w/a beautiful smile

    - C.F. Age 70
  • For a long time, I had struggled with my weight after having my girls. I tried every diet/meal plan that would work short term. 

    I heard about the skinny shot, did my research and decided it was time to try medically guided weight loss. I reached my goal weight of 128 with the Skinny Shot. The amazing thing about it, is that it helps you to re-learn your hunger signals (hungry and full), and for me, turned off that voice in my head that made me think of food more than I needed to. 

    I’m really impressed with Leslie Ann and Elaine. They thoroughly checked on my labs, to make sure I was a good candidate, and consistently checked in on me, and helped tailor the program to my goals and how I felt. 


    Saying yes to the Skinny Shot is one of the best things I’ve done for myself. I’ve regained confidence, taken back my health and feel better than I have in a really long time. 

    K.S. Age 42
  • Thank you Leslie Ann for helping me with your amazing REAL Skinny Shot! I’ve finally been able to lose my Covid weight and believe it or not (I’m still shocked), I am inching back toward a weight I haven’t been since my youngest son was born — over 18 years ago!!  I love the REAL Skinny Shot and I appreciate the great care you provided me during this journey! 

    M.G. Age 54
  • It was easy! So grateful for this you have no idea! I tried EVERYTHING to lose the weight after my son and nothing worked. I was stuck in a rut for 3 years and this was a total game changer. I can’t thank you enough

    E.G. Age 42
    30 lbs in 4 months
  • You ladies have changed my life in such a powerful way. Thank you for what you do.
    Seriously, I’m getting sweaty eyes just thinking about it

    M.P. age 38
    20 lbs in 12 weeks Ill try to get more.